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Life Coaching with Time-to-Think

Life coaching with the Nancy Klein Method is all about regaining the power of your own thinking and confidence in your own abilities. With loving affection and attention and perhaps some thought-provoking questions. This coaching method is unconventional and incredibly fast.

The Time To Think method is about finding out what is really holding you back and without the influence of a coach, mentor or thinking partner, finding out what you personally want, rather than following the advice of others, to find your own way.

Are you asking yourself...

I want to get clarity

Clarity of what I want, what I want to change in my life, or what road to take. Not what i am supposed or should do what friends and famility expect from me and advise me with all their good intentions.

I want to stop feeling stucked

We all feel stuck from time to time and it´s totally ok. But it is frustrating and even paralyzing to keep overthinking. It feels like making circles without getting any further. In Time to Think we have set of questions that will help you to break the circule, connect the dots that you didn´t see before and break through.

What is stopping me?

If you cought yourself procrastinating or afraid of making the next steps, could be that something is blocking you thinking. We know that our assumptions direct our behaivor. In Thinking Sessions you will look at your limiting assumptions and find the reasons behind the reason. It is liberating and magically quick.

Life Coaching: Seeing possibilities, gaining clarity

We all think, all the time. But the environment in which we do it is not always conducive to the quality of our thinking. For example, when we are upset, angry or in a hurry, we can’t trust our thoughts at all because they are full of negative and judgmental (yes, even self-critical!) thinking.

In Time to Think sessions we will both co-create a safe space with the help of 10 components of a thinking environment such as generative attention and deep listening without interruption, equality, ease, encouragement, appreciation and others that will enable you to be your best and think for yourself, gain clarity and even begin to question your assumptions and limitations that stand in the way of being the best version of yourself.


Life Coaching is best if you:

  • Want to really understand – “what do I really want?” Not my relatives, friends or any best advices they give me
  • Want to find out, what is stopping you, why are you procrastinating
  • I feel stuck in my present situation..
  • I am thinking in circules and do a lot of over-thinking
  • I can´t break through with some problems

We don´t have permanent personalities,
we have shifting patterns of thought.

– Steve Chandler

Mike Mitterer
Mike Mitterer
18. Mai, 2023
Tja, was soll ich sagen – Lena ist einfach top! Sie ist nicht nur menschlich sehr nett, sondern auch fachlich eine absolute Expertin. Ich habe sowohl die Stilberatung als auch "Time to Think" bei Lena in Anspruch genommen. Die Atmosphäre während der Beratungen war sehr entspannt, und ihre Herangehensweise war äußerst professionell. Die Aufbereitung und Nachbereitung waren erstklassig. Zugegebenermaßen ist die Dienstleistung nicht billig, aber jedes Mal hatte ich danach das Gefühl, dass es sich absolut gelohnt hat. Es war einfach jeden Cent wert. Ich kann Lena, die Stilberatung und "Time to Think" uneingeschränkt empfehlen!
Vadim G
Vadim G
17. Mai, 2023
For our company's offsite event, we worked with Nina and Lena to offer our employees a workshop on MBTI personality topics. The idea was to get to know each other better, think about different personality types present at our company and how these work together. Nina and Lena performed the workshop in a highly interactive, professional, but also fun way, while conveying all the important aspects of the MBTI system. They are offering a great mix of exercises, theory and sessions to think. Nina and Lena managed to get everyone interested and involved, they came super well prepared and we had a lot of fun on that day. All of our employees were very happy and satisfied too. We highly recommend Nina and Lena if you're looking for a more "out of the box" take on MBTI. Apart from that, they are great in covering adjacent topics, so we are sure to work together with them again. Thanks from all of us!
manu ela
manu ela
12. Mai, 2023
Es war eine tolle fachliche Beratung mit Nina und Lena. Die beiden sind total bemüht und liebevoll, nehmen sich ganz viel Zeit für jeden. Ein sehr leidenschaftliches und fröhliches Duo:) Man wurde wirklich motiviert etwas ändern, sich neu zu entdecken. Es gab spannende und auch überraschende Ergebnisse. Wir würden jederzeit wieder zu euch kommen, danke!
robert ritz
robert ritz
11. Mai, 2023
The two founders Nina and Lena are tremendously energizing and refreshing. We booked a personality coaching session based on the Myers-Briggs model with our company of 12 people and gained many great insides about the own personality and the ones from our colleagues, helping to better understand one another and therefore improving working together as a team. Big thank you to the guidance and teaching of Nina and Lena. Warm recommendations for everyone who is thinking about a similar personality coaching experience no matter the scale!!
5. Mai, 2023
Meine Farbberatung bei Nina war super spannend und hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht. Sie hat mir geholfen meine Farben zu finden, Vorschläge gemacht wie ich sie kombinieren kann, welcher Schmuck dazu passt und konnte auch genau erklären warum welcher Farbton stimmig aussieht. Sie ist ein total lieber Mensch, hat gesprüht vor ehrlicher Begeisterung, die Stimmung war super und ich habe mich sehr gesehen gefühlt. Es war wirklich eine individuelle Beratung, nicht nur um mich in eine Schublade einzuordnen, sondern ganz auf mich persönlich zugeschnitten. Ein rundum tolles Erlebnis und ich freu mich schon darauf meine Garderobe in diese Richtung zu verändern 🙂
28. April, 2023
Lena hat mich sensationell gut durch eine Online-Farbberatung geleitet. Ich durfte sehr viel Interessantes über die Farb-Wahl erfahren. Ich habe noch viel mehr dazu gelernt, als ich gedacht habe. Es war sehr wertvoll. Lena geht mit sehr viel Können, Wissen und Einfühlungsvermögen auf den Menschen ein. Sie versteht es, alle Aspekte des Menschen, der vor ihr steht, mit einzubeziehen.
Sarah Cameron
Sarah Cameron
27. April, 2023
I had a lovely session with Nina. She creates an experience that's so personalised and fun. Credit to her expertise, I walked away ready to experiment with some colours I wouldn't normally gravitate to. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to build a wardrobe that really compliments their features!
Simon Traub
Simon Traub
21. April, 2023
Nina ist wirklich sehr Hilfsbereit und offen, wir haben schnell gemeinsam einen guten Stil für mich gefunden und ich habe mich das erste mal so richtig sicher damit gefühlt. Ein Dienst den ich sehr gerne in meiner Lebenslaufbahn weiter in Anspruch nehmen werde.
Gudrun Zandt
Gudrun Zandt
10. April, 2023
Tolle Beratung, Dankeschön liebe Nina
Christina B
Christina B
2. April, 2023
Lena hat sich viel Zeit genommen für meine Farbberatung. Wegen ihre herzliche Art hat mir die Beratung viel Spaß gemacht und ich habe viele gute Anregungen und Tipps bekommen.

Life Coaching - how it works


Telefon Call – Chemistrie Check

In order to coach you well, we need to get to know you, so we scheduel a 40 min. telefon call. Your personality, your challenges, your phase of life, your environment.We will also have a short “Time To Think Session” so you know what our coaching is about, as it is easier to experience than to explain.


Time To Think Sessions

Depending on your request, we scheduel time to think consultations, so you can experience the magic of your own thinking. By slowing down you start to see connections and bigger picture. Instead of problems, you will find solutions, instead of limitated assumptions you will experience liberating thoughts.


Clarity and empowerment

Because you are not alone anymore with your judging thoughts. Listening to engate is powerful, it is the absence of judgment and avaluation, no need to perform, just to relax and to think. Slow down makes you clear your thoughts and see possibilities intead of obsticles.

What to expect after Life Coaching

  • You will experience the power of NO Interruption
  • You will slow down to speed up
  • See new possibilities and opportunities
  • Experience deep thinking instead of Overthinking
  • Will start to trust your own personal power

Life Coaching is powerful, for instance:

If you want to experience change, in other words transform your life

Transformation can only happen when you gain new awareness and understanding. It happens when you know something after the coaching that you didn’t know before and you feel differently, have a different relationship to the issue or get a new perspective, see new options that you didn’t see before.

You cannot change things that you are not aware of or that you resist. Thinking (not over-thinking) is the fastest way to change.

When you want to reconnect with yourself

Forget the good advice and get back to yourself. What is important to you? What do you need to move forward and feel powerful and free again? The advice of your family and friends is good, but it is full of reflections and interpretations of what others think is good for you… which does not always feel right. So you don’t follow it, and because you don’t know what you want, you don’t do anything. You can break this cycle if you take the time to slow down and think for yourself.

You feel stuck and can’t decide how to move forward.

In this case, something is usually stopping you from moving forward. Sometimes it is obvious, but most of the time it is hidden from our awareness. In Time to Think Coaching you will find the reason behind the obvious reason you think is holding you back. If you are brave enough to look at it, you can discover what is holding you back, observe it with loving attention and you will be able to let it go or reframe it so that it serves you instead of holding you back.

If you feel exhausted and always in a hurry (also just inside)

It is impossible to change anything if you run too fast in your life. Everything is out of reach and out of touch. Time To Think makes you stop and press the pause button so you can take a step back and think about what is really going on. What you want, what you love and where you want to go.

Restore a sense of balance to your life

We tend to focus all our attention and energy on one area of our life. This is different at different stages of life – learning, dating, work, children and so on. It is only when the area becomes too big that we notice the imbalance and frustration. Especially if you are a successful freelancer or self-employed, you work too much and forget to make time for yourself. Everything is great, but… Something is missing and it feels like you are failing… in other areas of your life. It shouldn’t be like this. You can change it if you take the time to think about it and come up with your own solutions that you are motivated to follow and change.

I had a big breakthrough with Lena during a Time to Think session. She was extremely empathetic and kind and listened to me attentively. Time to Think” is a coaching technique where the client speaks their thoughts out loud while the coach supports the process.

Lena managed to work out exactly these next steps. I am impressed by her expertise and her method of creating a safe space where I could unleash my thoughts. The next steps for my business are now clear!

I can recommend Lena as a coach without reservation.

Alex R, Dating Coach

10 Components of Time To Think Coaching

Time to Think is special because of it´s way of beeing, which is so uncommon. There are 10 components that a coach need to master in order to create a thinking invironment. Below we will talk about every component in particular: attention, equality, ease, appreciation, encouragement, feelings, information, difference, incisive questions and place.

Klassisches Outfit erstes Date

Well, what can I say – Lena is simply top! She is not only very nice as a person, but also an absolute expert in her field. I took advantage of both the style consultation and “Time to Think” with Lena.

The atmosphere during the consultations was very relaxed and her approach was extremely professional. The preparation and follow-up were first class. Admittedly, the service is not cheap, but every time afterwards I had the feeling that it was absolutely worth it. It was simply worth every penny.

I can unreservedly recommend Lena, the style consultancy and “Time to Think”!

Mike Mitterer,

Why is Time to Think coaching transformation instead of transactional?
A man should review his clothing style or haircut/beardcut, i.e. his styling, at least every 10 years. This will keep you looking modern and stylish. You will look more attractive and confident rather than frozen in time.
How does it differ from classic type of coaching?
There is no need to fill in a questionnaire. We will clarify everything in a personal conversation over the phone. We will also explain which photos we need from you so that we can prepare our presentation and consultation in the best possible way.
How does it differ from therapy?
After the consultation you will receive a detailed PDF (approx. 50 pages) by email with your style, colour palette and our recommendations on which outfits best reflect your style.
What quatlification do you have as a time to think coach?
The content is the same. We simply sit around a table or meet virtually via video call. The exchange is the same. And we always get to know each other over the phone anyway, so there is no need for a video call.
How can i book coaching?
Yes, very much, both in Munich and online. This is the next step after the type consultation and we are very happy to help our customers with this.

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