Personal Shopping Men

Personal Shopping

for The Big, Tall or Slim Gentleman

Get to Know You

It’s essential to understand your sizing requirements, however, that’s only the beginning of our process.  We also want to know your preferences for style and the dress code required by your industry and position.  And of course, we want to know what you’ll be shopping for this time. We know all the high quality, modern brands in Munich that cater to your unique, specific needs, even if you Big, Tall, Slim or a combination of those. We’re confident we can quickly help you find the clothes you need without sacrificing your style or individuality.

Effortless Shopping

Gathering all this information about you allows us to plan your unique shopping experience in Munich.  We select clothes that stay true to your style and fit you properly.  And of course, clothes that will allow you to express your personality with confidence.

Pefect Wardrobe to express yourself

We ensure you never sacrifice your individual style. After all, your wardrobe should effectively express your personality, potential and character. Whether you’re presenting your brilliant ideas to a sceptical board of investors, a cautious new client, or your progressive team. You always want to be the best representation of your business and yourself.

Let the other guys have regular.
You have an exceptional story to tell.

Personal Shopping Experience

290 €  | 2 hours

Personal Shopping München Herren in München

Ideal if you:

  • Have a difficult-to-fit size and are tired of struggling to find the perfect fit
  • Want an effortless and productive shopping experience
  • Want expert advice on how to combine different pieces for different objectives

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    You want to book our service

    For yourself
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    Because clothes are only part of the story.  

    Complete your new wardrobe with the details that
    will set you apart.  Add the essential accessories of a modern
    businessman to your shopping experience.  
    New shoes, business bag and eyewear to complement every outfit.
    You can also freshen up your appearance with our new cut and barber services.  

    All in one day 790 € | 5 Hours

    FAQ Personal Shopping:

    Will I have to wear clothes I would NEVER feel comfortable wearing?

    This is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients.  A great stylist always takes your preferences and personality into consideration.  We may ask you to try something new but we’ll never ask you to wear anything that feels uncomfortable or untrue to yourself.  Our goal is always for you to discover pieces you’ll fall in love with and want to wear every day.

    Meet Your Personal Stylists

    Twin sisters, Lena & Nina are independent personal stylists in Munich who believe that true style is the expression of your unique personality.  International clients travelling to Munich love working with Lena & Nina because they know it’s about more than clothes – it’s about understated sophistication, devotion to quality and the confidence to command any room.You can read more about us here.

    What info do I need to provide for the Personal Shopping Experience?

    • Size, Height
    • Age
    • What would you like to buy this time?
    • What brands do you prefer or do you have a budget for shopping?
    • Anything special we need to know in advance?

    Where will we shop?

    We work in department stores or boutiques in Munich’s city centre: Hirmer, Lodenfrey, Ludwig Beck, Oberpollinger etc.  Our hours are 10:00 – 20:00

    What budget should I have in order to work with you in Munich?

    There is no minimum requirement.  But normally a shopping budget starts at 600€.  That could be a single piece or a complete wardrobe for the season.  We simply need to know your budget in order to choose the correct shopping Location.

    What can I expect when shopping for a couple of hours vs. a whole day?

    In 4 hours you’ll buy several outfits based on your preferred brands and budget.  In a full day of shopping, we’ll introduce you to new brands and combinations that are new to you but will still match perfectly with your existing wardrobe.

    What’s your background?

    We both graduated as stylists in 2014 from TypAkademie in Limburg, Germany.  We’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of clients from across Europe travelling to our beloved city of Munich.

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