Style Consultation Men

Personal Styling

Your commitment to innovation,
devotion to success,
and dedication to your purpose
is evident in everything you say and do.
All you need is the image to underline your message.

Get to know you

We’ll show you the message behind the clothes so you can confidently express your personality and purpose in your appearance.  But first we get to know you.  Your personality, your tastes and the expectations for dress demanded by your industry and position.  Because everyone should instantly recognise your potential.  We’ll talk about basic guidelines, how to combine different pieces so you’re always conveying the message that’s most important to you.  Finally, we’ll discuss which forms, fabrics and materials suit you the most.

Perfect Haircut and Eyewear

We’ll discuss the best shape and care for your beard.  And if you wear glasses, we’ll discuss the best shape and colour for your face.  If necessary we’ll recommend a hair stylist/ barber from our network.  And we’re happy to recommend a Lens boutique as well.  We can even arrange the appointments for you.

Individual Style to express yourself

We’ll have outfits prepared in advance, waiting for you to try on in our personal shopping lounge.  This way you can see everything we’re talking about.  We’ll show you how to mix and match different items.  But most importantly, we’ll discuss the message you convey with each look.  And what happens when you wear it with friends, family or colleagues.  Because the message you want to convey is essential to crafting a style that reflects your personality.

Boldly express your personality.
Confidently declare your presence.

Become the master of your style story.
Without ever saying a word.

Personal Styling

540 €  | 2 Hours 

Ideal if you:

  • Want to define and declare your personal style
  • Want to master the message behind the clothes
  • Want to learn how to combine different pieces for different objectives

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    FAQ Personal Styling:

    Why should I invest the time and effort to create my own personal style?

    Developing your own signature style is an outward sign of your confidence and pride in your accomplishments.  Only you truly know the potential that’s waiting inside you.  But when you dress as if your leadership is obvious, others will instantly recognise your potential too.  You’re a living representation of your business and more importantly – yourself.  It’s not about pretending to be something you’re not.  It’s not about “faking it ‘til you make it”.  It’s about confidently showing up as the best version of yourself in every situation.

    Will I have to wear clothes I would NEVER feel comfortable wearing?

    This is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients.  A great stylist always takes your preferences and personality into consideration.  We may ask you to try something new but we’ll never ask you to wear anything that feels uncomfortable or untrue to yourself.  Our goal is always for you to discover pieces you’ll fall in love with and want to wear every day.

    Meet Your Stylists

    Twin sisters, Lena & Nina are independent personal stylists in Munich who believe that true style is the expression of your unique personality.  International clients travelling to Munich love working with Lena & Nina because they know it’s about more than clothes – it’s about understated sophistication, devotion to quality and the confidence to command any room. You can read more about us here.

    What info do I need to provide for The Style Consultation?

    • Size, Height
    • Age
    • Your photo
    • What are your favourite outfits?

    When and Where does the consultation take place?

    We have exclusive use of the personal shopping lounges in the department stores in Munich’s city centre.  You can schedule an appointment for a Style Consultation at any time.  We always dedicate time for Style & Colour Consultations on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

    What’s your background?

    We both graduated as stylists in 2014 from TypAkademie in Limburg, Germany.  We’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of clients from across Europe travelling to our beloved city of Munich.

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