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Online Services

Since the start of the Corona Pandemic 2019, we also offer our consultations online in the usual quality. This is because in our workflow, we have always needed photos of our customers in advance in order to prepare accordingly for the personal consultation. So the switch to online consultations was quite easy because we have already had years of experience with it. To support the online personal styling, online colour analysis, we have compiled a detailed document that summarises 40 pages of important information from our consultation for you. You can use this document at any time when shopping to put our recommended outfits into practice.

During the preliminary consultation we get to know you as a person and on the basis of the photos we send you we can estimate your figure type very well. In the past, we have prepared the outfits in Munich’s department stores before the actual appointment. With the online consultations, the only difference is that we choose the outfits in online shops or via Pinterest instead. The consultation then takes place via video call.

online stilberatung

Online Personal Styling

During the online style consultation, you will learn which cuts, patterns and styles dress you. At the same time, you get new inspirations and outfit examples according to your style direction to copy.

Unsere Online Stilberatung umfasst:

Definition Ihres persönlichen Stils
Outfits und Looks in Ihrer Stilrichtung
Styling Regeln für jeden Tag

Online Colour Analysis

With our online colour and type consultation, you will learn how to implement your style in business and private life to achieve your goals faster.
Colour Analysis: definition of your personal colour type
What colours should you avoid
How you should best combine the colours
Outfit examples in your colour type
Tipps for Make-up and Hair Colour

Advantages of online style advice

The pandemic period has shown that video conferencing works just as well as face-to-face meetings in many areas. You save travel costs, time and money. So we asked ourselves if we could advise our clients just as well online as we have been doing offline for years. So we accepted the challenge, put all our knowledge on paper and hired a graphic designer to make this knowledge visually appealing.

The reviews of our customers on Tripadvisor prove it for itself. Our successful online style advice was even captured in the TV programme “Punkt 12” on RTL. Here we advised a young woman and thus opened up new possibilities in her life. Thanks to the pandemic, we were able to establish another mainstay and offer our style and type advice throughout Germany and the DACH region.

In the meantime, we only meet our clients in Munich when they extend our advice to include immediate implementation with personal shopping, as in the case of type advice, for example.

Written documentation

The documentation contains valuable information about your style and how you can implement it. You’ll find out what clothes you need to make your style work. And which shoes go best with your style.

For example, you will find out whether your jeans should be cut rather wide or straight. But also which blazer suits your figure best: open, single or double-breasted. You will receive tips for each category of clothing (dresses, trousers, blazers, coats, shoes, etc.).

To better explain the suggested styling concept, we prepare various outfit suggestions for you. You can buy these later online or in your favourite shop.

We do our online consultations via Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams for our online consultations. You will receive an invitation from us. It is important that you have a video camera on your laptop or computer. This way we can see each other live. Step by step we show you prepared slides in a presentation. The counselling takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.

After the online consultation, you can of course send us photos of your shopping day. This way you can be sure right away that you have only bought what suits you.