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Ekaterina Makeover

In this makeover before and after interview with Ekaterina about our makeover services, she tells her story because she wants to share her experience with other women. She wants other strong women like you to benefit from the makeover and finally feel free and happy. Dear Ekaterina, thank you once again for this moving interview!

As professional stylists, we know that inner and outer type changes go hand in hand. A type change and makeover is about changing your perspective and expanding your horizons. Rediscovering yourself, putting your own personality, physique and charisma into perspective. To finally feel coherent. We promise you that your new style of dressing and your new look will support and accompany you day after day, giving you the strength to master new challenges.

Nina: Dear Ekaterina, what touched you the most during the before and after makeover?

Ekaterina: Something you said at our appointment about the makeover has stayed with me. You said that the colours and cuts I had chosen were not bad. They just didn’t make me shine, they didn’t help me express my personality.

That’s true! They were an attempt to hide myself and be “like everyone else”. But according to my typology, hiding wouldn’t work anyway. That’s just the way I am – I stand out and am noticeable in any room I enter. Either I stand out and don’t look good, or I stand out and shine – I had a choice. You have shown me with your knowledge and all your tools what it is like to shine from the inside out.

I feel better than I have in a long time! Nina has been very supportive throughout, thank you so much for that! Every time I wear my new outfits I have a big smile on my face. It’s not so scary to be seen and noticed anymore. I’m so excited about this styling journey and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Either I stand out and don’t look good, or I stand out and shine – I had a choice.

Nina: Could you tell us what you do differently after the makeover?

Ekaterina: During the first consultation I was shown and explained my concept for the makeover before and after. Right after the first consultation I was able to make great progress. What I did immediately:

I went straight to the hairdresser and immediately implemented Nina’s suggestions. I now style my hair very differently.
I also follow my style consultant’s make-up tips.
I immediately cleared out my wardrobe: I got rid of the colours and styles that didn’t suit me.
Now all that’s missing is the final step: going shopping to buy new outfits conceptually.

Nina: Dear Ekaterina, you also decided to go personal shopping after your type change. Did you have any reservations?

Ekaterina: To be honest, yes, I did. In fact, I kept asking myself: how on earth are we going to find something in just a few hours? I wanted outfits that suited both my body and my personal style. But I was confident that my experienced style consultant, Nina, would surprise me again in a positive way.

But I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. I also wanted to make faster progress, so I decided to book the second module of “Type Change Woman” – Personal Shopping. This was a logical step for me. A suitable date was quickly found and we set off.

Photographs are always taken during the shopping, so the makeover is documented before and after, and the most daring outfits are captured for eternity.

Nina: How was the personal shopping for you?

Ekaterina: Actually, the whole shopping experience was a co-creation. I found Nina to be an absolute virtuoso. You can tell that she does what she loves. She adapted her ideas at lightning speed and always listened carefully to my feedback. She took in both my words and my body’s reactions to the different cuts, styles and fabrics.

But I have to admit, when I first saw the dresses I had a mixed reaction: some I loved and didn’t want to take off. Others didn’t suit me so well and some I had to try on to appreciate. Nina explained to me each time what effect she was trying to achieve. Her comments were so valuable and liberating. I even had to take notes to remember everything.

By the end of the personal shopping I had bought some great clothes that made me feel beautiful and free.

Typveränderung_Frau_Business Outfit
Typveränderung_Frau_Business Outfit
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I felt like a statue that had been taken out of the marble. Piece by piece, detail by detail.

Nina: What changed for you after the makeover?

Ekaterina: Oh, many things! For example:

First of all, I learned what to look for when combining clothes and what effect I can achieve with them. Now I can combine all the clothes and create different looks. Outfits that suit me from head to toe and make me shine.
Secondly, for the first time I am choosing quality over quantity. I no longer accept mediocre clothes in my wardrobe. I have also learnt from my own experience the importance of good fabrics and cuts.
Thirdly, and most importantly, it was amazing how many of the clothes reminded me of good moments in my life. I felt free and happy again. I could feel and trust myself again.

Nina: Would you recommend a makeover?

Booking a makeover with you was the best investment I made this year. Yes, definitely! Many people have told me that I look different now. The feedback from others is I radiate calm, serenity and grounded energy. I look forward to my next shopping experience with the Style Advisor Twins. I look forward to experiencing your wonderful magic again and making my glow even brighter.

I have great looks now and I love them all! They bring out the best in me.

Makeover with Kibbe Bodytype

We love to use Kibbe Bodytype, especially when it comes to type changes. World-renowned stylist David Kibbe has created a system that supports each woman’s individual beauty and uniqueness through clothing and styling. His holistic and caring approach mirrors our philosophy. His recommendations can be found in the bestselling book “Metamorphosis: Discovering Your Image Identity. This bestseller is considered the styling bible in the styling industry.

Kibbe Bodytype – as individual as you are!

For makeovers and type changes, we work with the Kibbe Bodytype. Therefore, we have summarised some special features of the Kibbe system here:

Individuality and variety

The Kibbe System recognises that every person is unique and has different physical characteristics, proportions and expressions. The system promotes positive body awareness and encourages women to feel comfortable in their own skin. It divides women into different body types: romantic, natural, classic, dramatic and playful. In addition, there are several subtypes that can represent the whole diversity.

Acceptance and self-love

An essential aspect of the Kibbe system is the emphasis on self-acceptance and self-love. David Kibbe encourages women to accept their natural physical characteristics. Lovingly and mindfully, he teaches them to celebrate their individual beauty rather than trying to conform to a predetermined ideal of beauty.

Emphasise strengths

David Kibbe is known for highlighting each woman’s individual strengths and positive attributes. Instead of criticising certain body features, they are celebrated and integrated into the styling.

Authenticity and personality

David Kibbe encourages women to dress in a way that suits their body type, personality and lifestyle rather than blindly following current trends. It’s about presenting one’s own personality authentically and achieving this through appropriate styling from head to toe.

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Pictures: Style Advisor Twins with permission of Ekaterina


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