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Typberatung Feedback - Klaus

Men Styling - Feedback

Klaus from Munich
“The men styling consultation was very individual, informative, pleasant and fun. I got some food for thought and concrete tips to better underline my personality. I am now more confident in my choice of clothes, know my style and can choose more specifically from the huge range of cuts, colours, fabrics, etc..

It’s a great experience that I can recommend to anyone in principle. I had a gift voucher, for this reason I can’t judge the price-performance ratio.”

Why did I want a men styling session?

I felt the need to get new momentum and more ideas and inspiration for my business attire. I only ever had the shirt-sweater look and a vague idea of what suits me and didn’t know what to look for when buying and especially when combining and putting together clothes. I found it especially difficult to combine the clothes to a look or to a matching overall appearance. As a result, I didn’t take any risks and always played it safe when shopping, i.e. I bought the same things I already had and thought would suit me.

I never approached the subject of style purposefully and therefore didn’t know what to look for in my case. For a long time I had wanted to acquire the necessary knowledge about clothes and matching outfits and to get rid of my insecurities in this regard. But I didn’t know how to go about it.

By a lucky coincidence (a gift voucher for my birthday) I got my first consultation with Nina.

What did I particularly like about the men styling?

This meeting and the work with Nina was directional for me and many question marks have disappeared. I got a lot of input, excellent, individual advice and “tailor-made” tips and examples for my type and figure.

From that day on, it was much easier for me to find those clothes, shoes and accessories from the huge selection of textiles, styles, cuts, colours, fabric textures etc. that I feel comfortable with and that underline my “Klaus-ness”, my personality (humorous, reliable and organised) and individuality and carry them outwards.

Every morning I look forward to reaching into my wardrobe and have fun putting together my outfit. I am still amazed at the profound and motivating effect the clothing theme has for me. My outfit has a positive effect on my mood, motivation and self-confidence.

The right outfit after men styling session helps me to make a good appearance and impression and thus strengthens my self-esteem.

Why did I want to book the second consultation after one year?

After the successful start with the basics I had learned, I put everything into practice and, after a year of practice, I wanted to deepen my knowledge even more and, building on this, get more suggestions to consolidate what I had learned and get more tips and suggestions. Especially as I had also developed further. So, after a year had passed, I booked another consultation.

Building on the knowledge I had already internalised and the experience I had gained, the second meeting with Nina again took me to a higher level. I am now absolutely confident in my style and have great fun choosing and putting together my outfits on my own.

Where do I stand now? How do I feel?

Three years have passed since my first style consultation and I can say that I feel even more comfortable in my skin, know that I look great and have fun playing with outfits and the effects.

I’m much more daring after men styling appointment, I have a much broader fashion and style horizon, I perceive clothes differently and, above all, I see completely new items of clothing that I didn’t even think of before. I know what suits me and how to create outfits and what is important in a successful combination (e.g. calm and tension, colours, pizzazz, etc.).

Stylists Nina und Lena von Style Advisor Twins

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