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Personal Styling Munich

Personal Styling Munich service is helpful because clothes and your appearance give you an instant confidence you need to feel powerful and couragious in everything you do. So if your style doesn’t reflect who you are, you can change it almost instantly. All you have to do is take a day off and book a personal stylist.

We offer our personal styling in German and English. Separately and as a part of our Inside-Out-Transformation Programm.

Do you feel and think something like this..

You feel like your style doesn’t reflect anymore who you are

Whether it’s a new job, loosing 10 kg, divorce or starting a new phase of your life, you want your image to align with their new challenges.

You hate shopping as your body type is non-standard ..

Due to non-standard body type and my personal taste, i can´t find anything i like or what suits my body. It takes so much energy and time, so i go shopping only if my best pair of jeans fall apart.

Who is going to stop me vs. who is going to let me?

Nobody can stop you..

Blau Roter Bodysuit Farbberatung Online
Blau Roter Bodysuit Farbberatung Online
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Find your personal style that makes you feel amazing and look great

Without secrifising your personality or your style preferences. Or spending hours studing fashion magazines and styling tipps on the internet.

While going through style transformation, you will for sure find something new for yourself, but we’ll never ask you to wear anything that feels uncomfortable or untrue to yourself. Our goal is always for you to discover styles you’ll love and want to wear every day.

As a result of personal styling we will:

– get courage to wear your colours
– polish your personal style
– de-clutter your wardrobe
– get clarity what suits you and what to avoid

Our Methods: Colour Analysis with 12 Colour Types and Style Definition with 13 Kibbe Body Types

A personal styling is best if you:

  • you´ve reached a new phase in your life, starting a new job, loosing 10 kg, launching a new business idea
  • you want to polish your appearence so it reflects you
  • simplify and reduce your wardrobe
  • dress more conciously
  • buy less but more expensive labels
  • creat outfits that suits all aspects of your life

Please know that we’re not just here to give advice for one morning. Our aim is to guide you through the entire process and create a perfect wardrobe and a positive mindset that empower you and make you happy every day. And give you the courage to reach everything you want in your life.

Mike Mitterer
Mike Mitterer
18. Mai, 2023
Tja, was soll ich sagen – Lena ist einfach top! Sie ist nicht nur menschlich sehr nett, sondern auch fachlich eine absolute Expertin. Ich habe sowohl die Stilberatung als auch "Time to Think" bei Lena in Anspruch genommen. Die Atmosphäre während der Beratungen war sehr entspannt, und ihre Herangehensweise war äußerst professionell. Die Aufbereitung und Nachbereitung waren erstklassig. Zugegebenermaßen ist die Dienstleistung nicht billig, aber jedes Mal hatte ich danach das Gefühl, dass es sich absolut gelohnt hat. Es war einfach jeden Cent wert. Ich kann Lena, die Stilberatung und "Time to Think" uneingeschränkt empfehlen!
Vadim G
Vadim G
17. Mai, 2023
For our company's offsite event, we worked with Nina and Lena to offer our employees a workshop on MBTI personality topics. The idea was to get to know each other better, think about different personality types present at our company and how these work together. Nina and Lena performed the workshop in a highly interactive, professional, but also fun way, while conveying all the important aspects of the MBTI system. They are offering a great mix of exercises, theory and sessions to think. Nina and Lena managed to get everyone interested and involved, they came super well prepared and we had a lot of fun on that day. All of our employees were very happy and satisfied too. We highly recommend Nina and Lena if you're looking for a more "out of the box" take on MBTI. Apart from that, they are great in covering adjacent topics, so we are sure to work together with them again. Thanks from all of us!
manu ela
manu ela
12. Mai, 2023
Es war eine tolle fachliche Beratung mit Nina und Lena. Die beiden sind total bemüht und liebevoll, nehmen sich ganz viel Zeit für jeden. Ein sehr leidenschaftliches und fröhliches Duo:) Man wurde wirklich motiviert etwas ändern, sich neu zu entdecken. Es gab spannende und auch überraschende Ergebnisse. Wir würden jederzeit wieder zu euch kommen, danke!
robert ritz
robert ritz
11. Mai, 2023
The two founders Nina and Lena are tremendously energizing and refreshing. We booked a personality coaching session based on the Myers-Briggs model with our company of 12 people and gained many great insides about the own personality and the ones from our colleagues, helping to better understand one another and therefore improving working together as a team. Big thank you to the guidance and teaching of Nina and Lena. Warm recommendations for everyone who is thinking about a similar personality coaching experience no matter the scale!!
5. Mai, 2023
Meine Farbberatung bei Nina war super spannend und hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht. Sie hat mir geholfen meine Farben zu finden, Vorschläge gemacht wie ich sie kombinieren kann, welcher Schmuck dazu passt und konnte auch genau erklären warum welcher Farbton stimmig aussieht. Sie ist ein total lieber Mensch, hat gesprüht vor ehrlicher Begeisterung, die Stimmung war super und ich habe mich sehr gesehen gefühlt. Es war wirklich eine individuelle Beratung, nicht nur um mich in eine Schublade einzuordnen, sondern ganz auf mich persönlich zugeschnitten. Ein rundum tolles Erlebnis und ich freu mich schon darauf meine Garderobe in diese Richtung zu verändern 🙂
28. April, 2023
Lena hat mich sensationell gut durch eine Online-Farbberatung geleitet. Ich durfte sehr viel Interessantes über die Farb-Wahl erfahren. Ich habe noch viel mehr dazu gelernt, als ich gedacht habe. Es war sehr wertvoll. Lena geht mit sehr viel Können, Wissen und Einfühlungsvermögen auf den Menschen ein. Sie versteht es, alle Aspekte des Menschen, der vor ihr steht, mit einzubeziehen.
Sarah Cameron
Sarah Cameron
27. April, 2023
I had a lovely session with Nina. She creates an experience that's so personalised and fun. Credit to her expertise, I walked away ready to experiment with some colours I wouldn't normally gravitate to. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to build a wardrobe that really compliments their features!
Simon Traub
Simon Traub
21. April, 2023
Nina ist wirklich sehr Hilfsbereit und offen, wir haben schnell gemeinsam einen guten Stil für mich gefunden und ich habe mich das erste mal so richtig sicher damit gefühlt. Ein Dienst den ich sehr gerne in meiner Lebenslaufbahn weiter in Anspruch nehmen werde.
Gudrun Zandt
Gudrun Zandt
10. April, 2023
Tolle Beratung, Dankeschön liebe Nina
Christina B
Christina B
2. April, 2023
Lena hat sich viel Zeit genommen für meine Farbberatung. Wegen ihre herzliche Art hat mir die Beratung viel Spaß gemacht und ich habe viele gute Anregungen und Tipps bekommen.

Our Customers

Personal Styling

Personal Styling

- Your Seasonal Colours
- Your Body type and Style
- Wardrobe Audit
- Shopping List
- Outfits Ideas
- Brands that suits you
- Hairstyle & Glasses

990 EUR - one day
Makeover Inside Out Transformation

Inside-Out Transformation

Personal Styling
+ Personal Shopping to buy new styles to upgrade your style in an easy and comfortable way.
+ Personal Coaching to get clarity and re-discover your personality stengths as personal transformation comes from within and is visible on the outside.

1990 EUR - two months programm

Inside-Out Transformation in 3 Steps


Personal Styling

Your style should suit your body type as well as your personality. So that you like and love what you see in the mirror. We work with a 12 colour system in colour analysis and 13 Kibbe Bodytypes to determine your personal style. A wardrobe audit is part of this step as well as a shopping list to define what is missing.


Personal Shopping

Complete your wardrobe with new key pieces and outfits that will set you apart. Buy perfect outfits and add the essential accessories of a modern business men & woman to your shopping experience. New shoes, business bag and eyewear to complement every outfit.


Personal Coaching

Because your appearance is only part of the perfect outfit. You’ll dramatically diminish the impact you want to make if your attitude, language and presence lack clarity or confidence. That’s why we use our coaching skills (Archetypes, MBTI & Time To Think) to align your new look with your personal identity.

What will change for you after Personal Styling Munich


  • At a job interview or date, you can concentrate on the conversation
  • You feel confident and don’t worry about what to wear in the morning
  • You feel more comfortable and radiate that confidence
  • Receive compliments on your good taste
  • Your assets are accentuated and any problem areas are disguised
  • The right clothes make you look attractive, young, vital and professional
  • Your clothes flatter your figure and suit your character
  • You buy clothes you like and avoid bad purchases
  • Your appearance is harmonised by perfectly coordinated clothes
  • You save time as you know how to combine your clothes and accessories.

You know how to walk the line
between different roles in your life
Use your wardrobe to master your day
From morning to evening


Double Power

Twin sisters, Lena & Nina are independent personal stylists in Munich who believe that true style is the expression of your unique personality. International clients travelling to Munich love working with Lena & Nina because they know it’s about more than clothes – it’s about understated sophistication, devotion to quality and the confidence to command any room.

Since 2010, we have advised over 3,400 international clients* in German, Russian and English. We would be happy to advise you in Munich or online.

As professionally sertified stylists and coaches with over 13 years of experience we are confident to advise you competently and individually on all matters relating to styling, image and personality.

Discover your style type

When you think about it, do you immediately know which style type you are? Even if you have many different styles of clothes in your wardrobe, what do you like to wear, what do you feel most comfortable in? What are your favourite clothes and how would your friends describe your style?

Basically, we distinguish between these four style types in style session:

  • The classic type
  • The sporty type
  • The extravagant type
  • The romantic type

What makes it special is that we show you how to combine two of these styles in a unique way. Be curious: your surroundings will be amazed!

business professionelle typberatung

Classic Style

The classic style type is characterised by discreet, but very neat and high-quality clothing. Rather monochrome, instead of colourful, timeless independent of a certain fashion and not too flashy. Examples of this would be discreet dresses or blouses in combination with a smart skirt or cloth trousers for the woman and a plain-coloured shirt with neat trousers for the man. Any jewellery or accessories should also be kept discreet but of high quality.

Sportlicher Figurtyp Frauen Styling

Personal Styling Munich: Sporty Style

The sporty style type focuses on wearing comfort. Whether plain or colourful, the main thing is not to be too tight or uncomfortable. Examples are jeans and casual shorts as well as T-shirts or tank tops, plus a fleece jacket and sporty shoes like sneakers. Accessories or jewellery – with the exception of fitness watches – play a rather subordinate role. Even handbags tend to be sporty or are replaced by gym bags or backpacks.

Romantischer Figurtyp große Größen Frauen

Romantic style

With the romantic type we see feminine, playful clothes and patterns, figure-hugging with frills, bows or lace. They often prefer delicate pastel shades, little flowers and butterflies, in fact anything that looks cute. Examples of clothes are leggings with halter tops or pretty dresses, combined with ballerinas and anklets.

große Größen Frauen, Outfit in rot

Personal Styling of extravagant style type

The extravagant type wants to stand out, plain clothes are abhorrent to him. The clothing style is therefore described as creative, unconventional or unusual. The clothes can be anything but boring. The colours can be bright, sparkly and glittery. Often, the cut is also anything but ordinary. The clothes of the extravagant type can be above average chic as well as fancy.

Contact & Booking

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