Colour Consultation

Personal Colours

Every season brings a new colour palette. But how do you make it work for you?

How do you know which colour trends to avoid and which colours to embrace and make your own?

Your individual colour mix

When you book a Colour Consultation we’ll reveal your own unique mix of colours so you can confidently go beyond black, grey or white. You’ll know which colours you should invest in no matter what the season.

When you begin to understand your own unique colour mix you can use colour in a powerful way.  Whether you want to look taller or slimmer or simply express your own unique personality colour can give you a creative advantage.  We’ll discuss your wardrobe.  And we’ll show you how to use colour to strategically reveal the confident, elegant woman you’ve always been.

Hair and makeup

You’ll discover the best colour for your hair and your daily makeup routine. We’ll hand you over to a makeup artist for a complete colour and application tutorial.


Discover the secret to embracing your colours and weaving them
into your wardrobe in creative ways.

Personal Colours

240 €  | 1- 1,5 hours

Typberartung in München

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    FAQ Personal Colours:

    I’ve heard I should stick to fall colours is that all I need to know?

    Understanding which colours work for you goes beyond avoiding the ones that make your face look pale.  It’s about understanding how to make colour work for you in different situations whether you’re on vacation, in the office or at your child’s football match.  It’s about knowing you can look elegant and unforgettable in a red dress even if everyone else is wearing black.  Because when you’ve mastered how to use the colours that work for you in creative ways you have the confidence to show up as yourself.

    Where does the consultation take place?

    We have exclusive use of the personal shopping lounges in the department stores in Munich’s city centre.  You can schedule an appointment for a Colour Consultation any time.  We always dedicate time for Colour & Style Consultations on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

    Meet your stylists.

    Twin sisters, Lena & Nina are independent personal stylists in Munich who believe that true style is the expression of your unique personality.  International clients travelling to Munich love working with Lena & Nina because they know it’s about more than clothes – it’s about understated sophistication, devotion to quality and the confidence to command any room. You can read more about us here.

    What information do I need to provide for the Colour Consultation?

    Not much.  All we need in advance is your photo.

    What’s your background?

    We both graduated as stylists in 2014 from TypAkademie in Limburg, Germany. We’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of clients from across Europe travelling to our beloved city of Munich.

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